Music Video Production- unit 29 and unit 5

For this brief you will be introduced to tracks, recorded at seed studios in Old Trafford by unsigned local musicians. You will be given the opportunity to work with these musicians to develop and idea for a music video to promote their music.

You will use the skills that you have acquired in Image manipulation, animation and video production to produce a creative promotional music video for the Internet.

For music tracks go to sound cloud




Music Video Analysis

Presentation on camera controls

Vocabulary for Music video analysis

Cinematography/ Art Direction



Identification/POV/ CU/ Objectification of the female body

Production values/ low-fi

music videos for analysis


Tips for making music videos




last year’s videos

For this assignment you need to submit:

an analysis of music videos and how they cater for a particular audience

Planning –

a diary of your contact with the client

Sketchbook/location recces/ test shoots/lighting plans/prop list/equipment list

a treatment and a presentation of ideas.

Scene breakdown / Storyboard

Production Schedule

call Sheets

TMC Image release v6

a music video

an evaluation of the music video’s promotional, technical and creative strengths.