The Interview -unit 4 & unit 36

Imagine you are working for a production company and you are bidding for a commission for a documentary shorts slot on channel 4. You have to generate ideas and research them. As part of this process you are required to carry out primary research into your subject by interviewing people. You are also asked to find a contributor and carry out an interview for the documentary.

interview brief

Check list for Work – Interview techniques

Evaluation of Interview

TMC Image release v6

call Sheet


 –  Touching the void   Hamoudi, Immersion, A girl Like me Eric, The lift, The Fog of War

Vocab for video analysis -Talking Heads / Interviewer/ Interviewee / Vox-pops / Voiceover / Location / Expert / Intimate / Hidden identity/ anonymity / Suspense / Humour / Script / Archive / Viewer Charlton Heston- Michael Moore Jonathan ross

Tips for interviewing


The documentary makers : Interviews with 15 of the best in the business Goldsmith, David. Rotovision, 2003. 01/01/2003

Making documentary films and videos : A practical guide to planning, filming, and editing documentaries  Hampe, Barry. Holt Paperbacks, 2007. 01/01/2007

Documentary storytelling – making stronger and more dramatic nonfiction films  Bernard, Sheila Curran. Amsterdam : Focal Press, 2007. 01/01/2007

Lighting set ups



Journalistic /entertainment – Combative/ promotional

Soft/ hard – Open/closed, single /multiple questions


Idea for interview

Who is the character what are they like?

Will they let you speak to them?/ will they be confident enough?

What is the story? The detail?

Where will you shoot the interview?

How? What will you see?

Why will it be interesting to people? Channel 4 audience

Primary research•Vox pops..Design the golden question – 3 groups ready for tomorrow & research these 3 themes..Remember your top tips for interviews!
•1. Religion why?
•2. Unemployment and Young people or do you judge people on their appearance/class/background? Think of a girl like me?
•3. what does a multicultural

Society mean?

Cross cultural relationships?


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