Promotional Video for Website


For this brief you will work with a client to film a performance for promotional purposes.

The aim of this brief is to use the business skills you have acquired in production

management, and the creative and technical skills that you have acquired in video production,

to create video content which can be uploaded to the client’s website.

You will film the event using multi cameras and digital sound recording and edit it in Final cut pro. Look at techniques and the role of digital media in producing them.

You will then upload the film to the Internet and provide access to it for the client.

The event chosen is the performance of Freestyle Fictionary at Soulful Sunday Service, 12th May at The Lloyds.

Viscerol at Contact Theatre

Freestyle Fictionary

Understanding the principles of digital video technology in Interactive Media

Applications? How is video content used on the Internet?

Promotional material?…explain the footage you have looked at relating to freestyle Fictionary and Soulful Sunday Service?

What sites has it been uploaded and for what purpose? Discuss the role of video in social networking sites.

Explain some other uses of video on the Internet and give examples.

Describe some other platforms in which video is used?

Technology: describe some different video file formats …what are they used for?

Which media players would be use to play these different files?

What does file size mean? Explain some different ways you could change the size of a file?

What is compression and why would it be useful? What are the disadvantages?

Your video-Explain what the purpose of the video you are producing is and what platforms it could be used on? How would people access the video? What would they need to do to watch it? What would they use to watch it?

Explain what you used to shoot you video and the file size and format.

Explain the technical process you have used to edit the footage.

Explain in detail some post production techniques….slow mo? Multi tracks? Colour correction? Titles?

Feedback from client
I’m 2 for 2 at New Lloyds, now. 2 successful nights back to back. Thanks so much to the Freestyle Fictionary crew,
Martin Visceral, Jomo T Gaston, Saquib Chowdhury, Schizaflow, and special thanks to Isabel Brotherston
and the Media students at the Wythenshawe campus for filming the night, and I can’t wait for the footage.
Jamal Abel Lewis-Service OK,

1. Bouncy Battle
2. Ask me no Questions I tell you no Rhymes
3. Survival of the Rhymest
4. Agony Ante up.
5. Rhyme Date
6. Verses vs Verses
7. Who’s the nicest?

Is it possible for you to send me the finished product so I can upload it to my youtube account?
ff1ff5 ff880_o
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