The Documentary Assignment

Units 27 & 4

The Pitch


pitchbrief – Young futures a place for dreams?


TMC Image release   Hamoudi, Immersion, A girl Like me Eric, The lift, The Fog of War

 –  Touching the void

–   coalface 3.50 secs –   manufacturing consent part 2 – 10.30/    manufacturing consent part 3 – 4.40 secs    spin 24.30

Analyse at least 2 documentaries and compare? different genre, style, type of story, talk about access in terms of how the directors got hold of the story and the contact/research they did. Explain what Media the Matters offers? a platform for different points of view that don’t get seen on the mainstream media channels? These directors wanted to get a message across why do you think they used Media that Matters? would it be shown on mainstream channels? why?

Use appropriate language to discuss doc such as news, infotainment, reality TV, drama doc, talking heads, interactive, voice-over report, observational (fly on the wall no presenter or voice-over)

Develop your own idea for a documentary short for channel 4– Identify the story, the characters , the visual narrative and whether you have access? Think carefully about the market? who watches channel 4? will this be appropriate for their audience? 5.3.12

Pitch for documentary

Think of the genre of your doc? Is it an expository report? An observational doc?  Do you have an interactive style presenter or will the style be experimental?

Context/Point of View/ Opinion/Bias/perspective/ open-minded/ subjective/ objective/ Voice/

Objectivity? What platforms or channels might give an opportunity to voice different opinions? How does your story give a new perspective and how do you have access to this alternative perspective?

Research the background to your idea

Social networking was blamed for the spread of the riots? How have you made sure you are being responsible about the programme you are making? How are you creating a balance in your argument?

Have you made sure you are not contravening broadcast regulations or legislation

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