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The Loop Part 1;

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Information on Looping the Loop



Trafford Council, Lets Go Global, Walk the Plank, The Quays and other partners have developed an exciting new project called Looping the Loop, as part of the Cultural Olympiad – the UK’s cultural programme for London 2012.

Looping the Loop is the Northwest’s opening event for London 2012, celebrating the start of Games time in the UK on May 19th in the vicinity of Media City, and The Quays. May 19th also marks the day when the Olympic torch relay begins its 60 day journey around the UK. Looping the Loop will work with a wide range of local people, and will commission six new projects with communities who live in and around the Old Trafford stadium.

The Manchester College media have been commissioned to cover the projects during the lead up to the event and on the extravaganza of May 19th. The team will need to research the event and the projects and film and interview contributors. This footage will be edited and broadcast within a live show based on the Looping the Loop. In the studio the team will also need to present the programme, interview guests, film the show and broadcast it live.

This is an opportunity to demonstrate your professionalism working with clients and your technical ability to deliver a live show.

Research into event

Looping the loop  May 19th 12.30 -5pm




Suffi dancer –

Boat race – Salford uni/Manchester uni universities

Boombike – Band on a bike www.blazeonline.org.uk

Future everything – www.futureeverything.org.uk

Walk the Plank – pyrotechnics lowry bridge 5pm www.walktheplank.co.uk

Lets Go Global www.letsgoglobal.tv

Community groups

martial arts – sikh temple

All about us – www.allaboutus2012.co.uk

seed studios –blue sky  music vinyl interactive installation – www.seed-studios.com

Start – Hooping the Hoop

Gorse Hill studios – youth and arts organisation – music/dance – www.gorsehillstudio.com

Asian women;’s group – pulling together


Lowry plaza/Media City Plaza/Imperial war museum/Old Trafford/Lowry Bridge

The Egg/The Greenhouse -Lets Go Global

Sporting Events

Men’s and Women’s football

Media Coverage

#media – Citizens media, Alternative/ Live streaming/ BBC/ Salford University –

Media City

BBC/ITV/Salford University/Creative media organizations

The Loop!

Cover Looping The Loop, Showcase of creativity

Community /people’s voice

Social networking/New technology / New generation

Voxpops – what does football mean to people? Humour – freestyling competition in studio…

Olympics is a waste of time and money – Debate?

Looping the Loop what are people enjoying?

Film events Dervish dancer/ Film the boat race, have team in studio

Backstage Interviews – Meet the Artists

Music and sound events – boom bike/hooping the hoop/seed studios – interview artists / film at live event/ and invite on show

Interview tips

Camera work –

Tips for filming -Visit location, avoid background noise/get permission/ image release/respect the law/ H&S/ keep shooting/ storyboard/ script/ keep it

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q1iuEcu7O50 charltn Heston


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zlc01vH8kLU jonathan ross





Vocab Interview techniques

Journalistic /entertainment –establishment/

Combative/ promotional

Soft/ hard

Open/closed, single multiple questions

Some useful links;

The filmmakers Handbook, A Comprehensive Guide to the Digital Age, Steven Asher & Edward Pincus ,

Interviewing for radio, (routledge 2000) –Adam S

Documentary in The Digital Age, Maxine Baker

Pre-production planning for video, film, and multimedia (1996) -Cartwright, Steve R.




http://vimeo.com/2760548 – The invasion

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XTgCLfYdRo4 – live broadcast

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q-VWTGLxUbw x factor

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pZ0uXjooaTM – live tv short film

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3JICso-bgiw – presenter

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iykKItkm08c&feature=relmfu – graphics