Documentary – The Brief


Your pitch has been commissioned for the documentary shorts slot on channel 4.  Title ‘ A Generation of Robbers or robbed’ Work in a team of 2 to 3 and plan and produce the documentary short of up to 4 minutes .

Deadline; 30th November


Part 1

Produce a blog

Identify different roles in production and assign within group

Produce proposal with costings, locations, actors and contributors equipment and production schedule.

Plan; set, script, costume

Develop visual designs, storyboards for visual sequences, scene breakdowns and scripts in sketch book and blog    (Your design should include examples of shots and lighting plans)

Part 2

Produce an H&S risk assessment

Identify the issues of access and copyright that you have encountered.

Explain the impact of legal restraints on the production of your video.

Discuss the ethical issues of broadcasting people and their lives

Produce documents for image release, location release etc.

Part 3

Work as part of production team

Produce a 4 min documentary that is technically and legally up to being broadcast

Produce logging sheets

Present your final documentary to the group in a group crit.

Produce an evaluation.

Upload documentary on the internet

Production Schedule

call Sheet


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