Research – the riots ‘ a generation of robbers or robbed

Research – What caused the riots?

‘ a generation of robbers or robbed?

Explain how you researched a particular point of view for the debate and put in references from the Internet and Media .

Remember you are looking @ what point of view the media is putting forward and looking @ different points of view that might not have been broadcast? You are analysing the Media and the perspective. the video short ‘Hate’ might be useful to discuss this issue.

Analyse your interviews in terms of the content(what points of view did they offer, how did the questions work? how did you engage with the interviewees) and technical quality (sound and picture). Remember you are going to be interviewing fro your documentary. What will you do to improve the interview quality and get what you need on camera?

Look at the issues below

Why did riots happen?

Shooting and police attitude

Consumer culture wanting to have things

Breakdown of morality crime and greed at the head of society

Youth unemployment

Peer pressure

No discipline at home and schools

Lack of social mobility


What should happen to the rioters?

Prison sentences

Increase youth opportunities in communities

More equal society – stop th cuts

Different values generated through different culture

Better education opportunities

‘A generation of robbers or robbed?

Footage from Manchester Media of people speaking about why the riots took place Darcus Howe

Social mobility/The generation conflict

Polly Toynbee argues that whatever cause the riots the less well off of this generation have been cheated of an education, employment an the opportunity to lead a normal

Map of riot convictions in Manchester

The map above shows how although the riots took place in Manchester centre ( see the big circles on map), those people that were convicted ( small circle) came from outside the centre and lived in the most economically deprived areas ( the areas coloured dark red.

Martin Luther King quote ‘riots are the voice of the’ unheard

The European crisis – young and working people are taking to the streets in ireland, greece, Iceland, Spain as the youth employment rises and the cuts bite in.

The banking debt and the cuts? – has this been one cause of the riots? £900.000,000 and they are still getting bonusses of millions? the tax payer is paying the debt but we can’t afford public services? How do you think this might impact on young people?

what is being sacrificed to pay for the banking debt?

public services? education/ benefits and health care? -who uses these? who will this impact on?

The student riots – A free education no longer exists? Has this contributed to the riots?

Are our leaders good role models
who is committing the real crime in our society?

Media and the riots –

Spin and the LA riots does the media show an objective picture of the riots? 4.49

Are the riots caused by a culture break down?

bad parenting, lack of discipilne, lack of faith? consumerism?

David Starkey – The whites re the new blacks?

what does David Starkey mean by this? Black culture is violent/consumerist? and this has caused the riots?

Carry out primary research into the issues surrounding the riots

interview one person who you have access to and carry out vox pops in town.

Look at your interviews and feedback on the technical aspects and the content

Plan an argument for a debate – putting yourself in the character of a certain personality (explain this in your research) –


Voices unheard/ make a change


Dangerous to create an us and them ‘ferrel underclass’

Children are not our future they have no prospects

Pay for education

Social mobility – not happening

Basic needs have been made in accessible

Top of the stream is polluted – government are corrupt/ bankers/ businesses – tax evasion/ newspaper/ academic

Voices in the riot ( 14/9/11)

David Starky/ racist/ educated/ignorant/ arrogant/ right wing conservative/ Historian/White Middle aged/ disabled

Martin Luther King

Powerful/ Black/ Civil rights activist/ leader

Middle aged

Not racist – promotes integration

Police – Metropolitan

Not enough power – government

Lack of funds – job cuts

Internal inquiry

Police victimised/ blamed when the government has caused the situation

Chav/ Rioter


Angry – government cut benefits/ no jobs

Pay back time

Have a laugh/ acceptance peer pressure


Male 17-19 white

Can’t express himself

No voice/ disenfranchised/

Youth-worker/social worker


Community breakdown


No sense in blame culture

More money invested in young – the youth are the future

Cuts to youth services causing problems

Shouldn’t be an us and them –

been brought up in a consumer culture/ need a reason to belong


Parenting bad

No protection from police and government -Can’t feel safe

Community fight back/Community divisions

Longer sentences/ harsher punishments should be handed out

3 people killed

theiving opportunists

Youth/Juveniles/young adults/Adolescents/pubescent/

Chavs /delinquents /hoodies /NIET

Stereotypes / groups



Hierarchy/social mobility

Context/Point of View/ Opinion/Bias/perspective/ openminded/ subjective/ objective/ Voice/

Different/ exclusion/excluded/ lonely/ segregated/ isolated/ alienated/ disenfranchised/

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