I have listed the contacts we made @ the ‘All About Us’ launch

Lets Go -website,,

contact; Sarah mcGoughlin Director of the All About Us project  –


Hi Sarah,
thanks for coming and meeting the students, they are all keen to get involved in voluntary work.
I am sending you the names of the students and their contact details

Philip Curtis ; skills in web authoring/design, IT and camera –
Farrah Mohamed; Skills in communication, PA, presenting –
Ziggy Kucas; skills in editing, special effects & camera –
Masoud Mirzaeian skills in camera, production, editing –
Tash Mayers skills in photoshop –
Lana Campbell skills in communication and editing –
Chelsea Conroy skills in camera and production assistant –

please don’t hesitate to contact me or any of them if you need some runners or assistants.
Ta, Isabel


Production co. Albino Mosquito –

sunday 2pm @Zion Centre Hulme video shoot


Trine Moore

Journalist – story capture project for SMES / 0161 4399054

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